2014/2015 Second Semester Registration (Online Registration For All Students)

Published on 2016-07-04

It is announced for the information of all students and the general public that the Polytechnic has introduced an on-line registration system, and students are required to use the platform to register their courses. The second semester of 2014/2015 academic year commences on the 16th March, 2015 and all students are expected to take note of the following important arrangements:


  • Students who could not make full payment of their fees last semester are expected to pay the remaining balances of their fees to enable them register:
    • Morning Session Students
    • Evening /Weekend Session Students
    • B-Tech Students
    • DBS Student
    • Foreign Students
    • Conditional Students
  • Students who pay the approved fees/charges can only register after twenty-four (24) hours.
  • In all cases students should indicate their names, programmes and accurate index numbers.