Office of the President

Published on 2016-07-07

The SRC was formed out of the need to have a unified front to represent students and to champion the interest and welfare of students on campus by offering a common platform for the discussion of issues and challenges of students. The SRC has lead up to its mandates or task and went beyond that to contribute to the existing infrastructure in the polytechnic among the notable achievement are summer hat (octagon), lighting system, SRC Garden, Coastal bus, SRC hostel and SRC junior common room which is currently under construction. It continuous to cry for the welfare of students through the student’s emergency relief system to support students who may be genuinely struggling financially. Indoctrinating in students a sense of fraternity and solidarity and patriotism through it general assembly still remains the heartbeat of the SRC.

The SRC is the official mouthpiece of the student body of Cape Coast Polytechnic. We work hand in hand with all other leadership within the polytechnic community. The SRC has, within it, opportunities that allow students to nurture their leadership potential and serve the polytechnic at large.

  The Students Representative Council in this institution operates on the principle of absolute democracy. Every department chooses its leadership based on the interest of the masses if not everyone. The compositions of the SRC are:

  1. Executive committee Members
  2. Non-Executive committee Members
  3. Sub-Committee members
  4. Presidents of the Programmed Association

General Assembly

This is the highest decision making body of the SRC and consist of the executive committee members with the exception of the SRC President, the non-executive members, chairmen of all sub committee and presidents of the programmed Associations. The general assembly concerns itself with issues relating to general welfare of all students. It is headed by a speaker, who has a deputy    being the chief Justice and a recorder.