About SRC

An Overview of Students Representative Council of Cape Coast Polytechnic

In consonance with Act. 745 of the Parliament of the Republic of Ghana 2007 hereinafter to as the Polytechnic Act, there shall be a “Students Representative Council” of Cape Coast Polytechnic representing the students’ body of the Polytechnic and hereinafter referred to as the “SRC”.

The SRC is the legitimate representative organ of the students’ body as a whole to the Polytechnic Authorities and outside bodies and is recognized as such by students of the Polytechnic, the Polytechnic authorities and outside bodies.

The SRC have membership of and/ or affiliation to the Ghana National Union of Polytechnic Students (GNUPS).

The Students Representative Council (SRC) is the mother movement on campus since 2007. The SRC continues to be the official organ of the junior members of the polytechnic community. The SRC perform a liaison role between the polytechnic management and the students as well as partnering the polytechnic management to undertake development projects. The SRC develop cordial relationship with our alumni and other educational institutions and coordinates the social, intellectual and recreational activities of the student body at large.


The Students Representative Council (SRC) Envisions of creating an environment that will be more refreshing and inspiring for student to discover and pursue their God given potentials by innovating ideas and ensuring a leadership that is devoid of external influence and dictatorships.


Through exemplary leadership and strong commitment to the students’ body, the SRC is committed to synergistically uniting the student front to push strongly for the welfare and interest of students as enshrined in our constitution.


Leadership with commitment and integrity.

Powers and Functions of the SRC

  1. Is the sole and only body for making representation to the Polytechnic and on behalf of all students of the Polytechnic.
  2. Shall collect approved dues from students annually through the Polytechnic administration and honour all its obligations to GNUPS and other affiliated bodies.
  3. Shall be empowered to appeal against the Polytechnic regulations which have been tested to be at variance with the interest of the students.
  4. Shall ensure and enforce the rules and regulations for the smooth running and development of corporate life amongst students.
  5. To seek the general welfare of students and advise on matters concerning students welfare.
  6. To establish links and maintain cordial relationship with students welfare.

To establish links and maintain cordial relationship with students of other tertiary institutions.